Animal Lover?

2Communicate are currently working with a welfare group Compassionate Dorset (CD).

Compassionate Dorset is a voluntary animal welfare group promoting compassionate living, particularly for the benefit of farm animals, through local fundraising events and global creative projects. CD’s main aim is to help end factory farming by empowering and educating us to make a difference for animals, people and our planet, simply through the food shopping choices we make. Since working with CD here at 2Communicate we have definitely started thinking much more about where our food comes from.

CD are a local supporter group for the charity Compassion in World Farming which was founded in 1967 by a concerned farmer on a mission to improve the lives of farm animals.

What makes CD different? 2Communicate are particularly excited to be working with CD because of their innovation and creativity, and clear passion for the welfare of animals. We also love animals here at 2Communicate so it makes our job much more worthwhile! CD have launched their own online Compassionate Tee-Shop where they sell their very own unique range of fabulous designer t-shirts in aid of Compassion in World Farming. What’s even better is there is a story to tell behind each and every tee. CD’s latest designs are all in line with Compassion in World Farming’s latest campaigns.

Whats the story behind the Cow tee? Well this relates to the ‘Cows belong in fields campaign’ to stop the mega-dairies coming to the UK.

Chicken and Chook tees are to raise awareness of the ban on barren battery cages which starts in January 2012, but millions of chickens will still be caged so CD urges people to only buy free-range eggs and products with free-range eggs in them.

Lamby tee is to raise awareness of the proposed 8 hour limit on journeys for animals being transported for slaughter.

Show your support and check out the tee shop and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. We are so sure of this that we are offering you the opportunity, on behalf of 2Communicate, to win a tee of your choice based on the winning story we receive from you of a heroic animal rescue. Send your entries to by January 31st 2012 and you could be the winner of one of these fantastic tees.


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