Working mom?

Something of a taboo subject and something some employers tend to shy away from, but I think the closer I get to the fact that I may well be very soon be a working mom it makes me sit back and admire all of the moms out there who continue to work and hold together a family, take care of a child, plus the rest of the responsibility that comes with being a mom. But my question is when is it acceptable to go back to work? and how much might it affect your career? I am almost sure employers clock your age and consider the fact that very soon you may be taking maternity leave or am I just being presumptuous. Yes I know they are not actually allowed to do this, but I can not help but wonder whether they do.

Whether it happens in employers minds or not, eventually a woman will make the choice to become a mom and have to decide to go back to work or not go back to work. I am definitely going to choose the former, however understand the many that do not. For the sake of argument, if a woman was to choose to go back to work how well are employers equipped at helping them get back into the workplace, adjust to life with board room meetings, mixing with adults and not crying babies, sorting the next feed and changing nappies? I bet it is a really anxious, emotional and nerve-racking time for a woman; one the one hand she might be feeling guilt for leaving her small helpless baby that she brought into this world, on the other hand she needs to go to work to earn money and may have also previously had enjoyed her rewarding and demanding career, so why should she just throw it all away. This only touches on some of the decisions a woman must have to make pre, during and post baby and for me demonstrates a strong, determined and willful character that surely every employer should want in their team. I wonder how many employers would think of it in this way? If a woman does not chose to go back to work right away but may choose to or need to at a later stage how does this reflect upon the woman to a prospective employer?     

It would seem I am not alone in thinking about this subject, as it seems it is an area where much of the female population will eventually have to face up to and make some very important decisions. It is great to see the number of purpose-built online communities there are for moms out there. To name but a few I have come across Net Mums, Mums Net, and workitmom all excellent places for working moms to share their story, find out about how others cope, and there is even one for moms and employers called working moms. I wonder how much of a difference some of these online communities, networks and blogs have made to working moms out there? Do they provide that much-needed support, bridge between motherhood and the world of employment? Let us know we would love to hear your thoughts.  


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