2Communicate West Midlands… a group for professionals

I have recently created a group called 2Communicate West Midlands, a members only group providing an opportunity for businesses and professionals to get together and share their expertise, ideas and create new contacts with an overall aim of generating new business. The group provides an opportunity for members to show others what they can offer, share experiences and find out about some of the vast services and products that are right on our door step in the West Midlands. I feel very strongly that in this current climate businesses should all come together and help one another, there is so much competition and not enough team spirit. I hope 2Communicate West Midlands can change that and create a real business community. Everyone has the same goal at the end of the day, and that is to achieve success whether it be through a business or themselves.  There are various forums and groups out there already, but 2Communicate West Midlands aims to really make a difference as a dedicated area specific group, providing a real return for businesses. It will be guided by its members, for its members. The venues will vary from meeting to meeting and so too will the locations, it’s an opportunity to travel around the West Midlands, but if that doesn’t suit some members they can wait till the meeting comes nearer to them. I aim for it to be flexible and achievable for all to attend.

The meetings will compromise of sharing each others areas, talking a bit about what they do, their expertise and finding out a bit about areas they may be currently trying to tackle. There then may be members that could help tackle these issues or problems. I also plan to invite keynote speakers to inspire and motivate members (whether they need motivating or not) listening to other people’s experiences is a great way to learn from others mistakes and get the mind ticking over with new ideas.

In the New Year I plan to set up an online community, rather than just through LinkedIn. I want the group to have a dedicated forum, where they will also have the opportunity to share with other members, something about themselves and their business (should they wish to do so.) It also another way of advertising and promoting what it is they do and in the short or long-term generating new business.  

 Have you had a good or bad experience of a forum/ group before, anything that worked well or didn’t work well? I would love to hear your views Email me at: sarah@2communicate.co.uk


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