Happy New Year! …It’s 2012

Happy New Year! Wow, how many times have I said that already….at what point is it not polite to say ‘Happy New Year’?!

So a New year, brings new beginnings, new experiences to be had and new opportunities. For me, 2012 is going to be all about growing, ensuring that everything I do, whether it be right or wrong, I will learn from it, take it away, and grow stronger and better. So, without getting to deep, this year I plan to do a number of things, and one of which will be tapping into my knowledge of Digital Marketing and Social Media.

I will be utilising the power of Social Media in a big, big way this year to promote myself as a professional within the PR industry and also 2Communicate. I plan to make new contacts and develop new and existing opportunities for new business, not just for myself but for other businesses too. I have come across a number of articles about how people have made a real success through Social Media. Chances are the majority of businesses you or I interact with whether it be in a professional capacity or as a consumer, will have some sort of Social Media account or platform set up, albeit personal or through their business. Companies in mainstream, consumer-facing industries have all joined in with Social Media. There are so many people that can offer their expertise and opinions that could be utilising the power of Social Media that just aren’t. Take a Farrier for example; a good example of a niche service that often comes recommended through word of mouth. Many whom have never needed a Farrier may not necessarily know what one does, and may never have considered it as a career. If a Farrier was to set up a blog about what it is they do, how they came to where they are today, the industry, general hoof care, then they could instantly have a captive audience. If they then followed this up with a Facebook page with advice and tips, customers could access it and share it with their friends and instantly they would have a huge Equestrian following, an increased customer base and even inspire some new apprentices within the industry.

I met a huge number of sceptics last year all asking similar sorts of questions, such as what value does Social Media really add. I delivered a number of workshops and was so surprised to learn how many very large corporate organisations were using Social Media but couldn’t see its benefits. I strongly believe that if you understand Social Media, what it is and what it can do, utilising it properly with the right means, then yes it can add value. There have been a number of companies whom have made huge errors, one being Habitat, but we can learn from these mistakes.

Whether you are providing a service or a product, alone, it’s an opportunity to ensure you have got it right, and is that not one of the most fundamental aims of running a successful business and what customer service is all about?

I have found five great examples, all at different stages of their experiments, and all indicating the breadth of business use of Social Media, this was taken from Mashable.

I look forward to the opportunities in 2012, and beyond, to help others promote and build themselves professionally, whether it be through Personal PR or for their business through the use of Social Media and celebrate in their success.


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