Shoes, glorious shoes… Spring/Summer 2012

Is it just me that sits up with sheer excitement when I hear… shoes?!

Havelocks London have just launched an exclusive luxury range of fashion forward men’s footwear, offering eye-catching leopard print and vibrant suede’s through to sumptuous soft leathers. Havelock’s London describe their range as ‘The designer shoes for the discerning man…an innovative and stylish take on the classic driving shoe… the highest quality, hand stitched leather from an artesian shoemaker in Europe, they combine stunning colour combinations that would compliment any mood or occasion.’

Orange Suede, mens shoes £125

Leopard Print, mens shoes £135

Havelock’s London have shoes in their blood. Joseph Wooltorton, founder and creative director behind Havelock’s London’s Great Grandfather was Master of The Worshipful Company of Patten Makers in 1955. The Worshipful Company of Patten Makers was founded in the 17th Century. Patten’s were under-shoes, made from metal or wood and were worn to raise the wearer out of the mud and effluence of the streets of London.

Metal Pattens, used in 1955

Jospeh Wooltorton realised there was something missing on the market for men. Jospeh says ‘Shoes say a lot about a man so why not say it with your footwear in a pair of unique shoes to match your personality. Men do not have as much choice as women in what they wear, and shoes can be a powerful way to show off your style in a subtle yet audacious way. We feel that our shoes allow men to make a distinctive statement.”

Havelocks have established a long standing relationship with a family run factory where they can create bespoke or off the shelf innovative designs. They are promising an expanding range with exciting plans to offer high-end accessories, shirts and Albert slippers promising to be just as stunning as their footwear. Havelocks accessories, which will be launched later on in the year, aim to take the question out of what goes with this…

Havelocks extensive range of mens footwear

Havelocks currently offer 9 distinctive colours and all are on sale now and can be found on their online store at Havelocks London promise to liven up any outfit, and just let the shoes do all the talking.

Press/ Journalists please get in touch if you would like to find out more about Havelocks London Email: Tel: 07958 490263


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  1. Sophie Hickerton says:

    I love these shoes -what a great post!

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