5 reasons why you shouldn’t have a Facebook Personal Page for your Business

On its pages, Facebook clearly states that Facebook personal pages are meant only for the individual user, not for a group or business. Despite those stark clear words, people are still making the mistake of using a personal account instead of a business page. But why is it such a big mistake?


Here are 6 really good reasons why you should disassociate your personal profile and create a dedicated business page for your group or business:

1. You are breaking the rules! 

You may have set up a personal Facebook profile using the name of your business or your business branding. If you also have another Facebook page for your own personal use, you are in violation of Facebook rules and one or both accounts could be suspended. Section 4 of Facebook’s terms clearly states that you shouldn’t have two separate Facebook accounts and you should never use a personal Facebook profile for commercial gain. I have seen businesses have their accounts suspended altogether over this malpractice. You will then completely loose your Facebook presence.

2. Your Business won’t be seen

Facebook business pages can be optimised for search engines like Google, but personal Facebook profiles cannot. Profiles are not indexed by google. Surely you would like as many potential customers as possible to find your company online wouldn’t you? Using a personal page to promote your company is ruining your chances. The intrinsic features of a personal profile are to help individuals make connections at a personal level. People are unable to ‘Like’ your page and instead have to request you as a friend. Many will just look at your page and leave. Should they ‘like’ your page which is instant they will then receive regular updates on your group or business. Read my next point…

3. No-one will ‘Like’ your business

It will be much more difficult to gain ‘friends’ as a business if you’re using a personal Facebook profile because regardless of privacy settings (which confuse most Facebook users anyway), people will be reluctant to share personal information with a company, no matter how good that company is. I know I wouldn’t. A Facebook business page allows people to ‘Like’ your company without any privacy risks because your company cannot access their personal information.

4. You are missing out on some very useful statistics!

Insights are a large benefit that you will receive FREE as part of your Facebook business pages. Without ‘Insights’ how do you know if your Facebook campaign is working?

5. Your business could run out of Friends

Although it’s not easy to verify, many commentators say that Facebook will only allow a personal profile a maximum of 5000 friends. But your Facebook business page can be ‘Liked’ by a limitless number of people. Why limit your opportunities?

6. Your business will be one dimensional
Whilst you can only have ONE personal Facebook profile (if you’re obeying the rules) you can create more than one Facebook business page. So if your company has several sub-brands or specialities, you could consider creating a dedicated Facebook business page for those too.

It’s not rocket science. Facebook personal profiles are for people and Facebook business pages are for businesses. Of course you can still reflect your business in your personal Facebook updates, I do it all the time! But it’s simply not designed to enable a company to maximise the many benefits that social media offers.

UPDATE: Facebook has now developed a tool that will allow businesses that have made the mistake of setting up a personal profile rather than a Business page profile to migrate one to the other.

2Communicate are currently helping many of our clients who have made this mistake (you are not alone, lots have done it!) to successfully make the change and reap the many benefits of a Facebook Company Page.

So get in touch and make the change today email: sarah@2communicate.co.uk Tel: 07958 490263/ 01905 356778 


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