Should you personalise your email marketing?

email marketing

Personalising, PR and Marketing go hand in hand. But why use personalised email marketing?

There are many uses for personalised email marketing, such as newsletters, niche marketing, test marketing, end-to-end campaigns, promotions and announcements, up-sell and cross-sell and delivery of loyalty programmes.

Personalised email marketing is perfect for brand-building and increasing awareness. This marketing tool also contributes to your company’s corporate social responsibility profile, helping to lessen the impact of your marketing on the environment by cutting down on the amount of paper needed in your campaigns as you only print what you need based on the results of the campaign.

By perosnalising your emails you are building and retaining a potentially long lasting relationship with your customers. Personalising emails adds numerous benefits for your sales conversion rate. However there are a few principles to remember. I am forever receiving emails addressed to me with my name, but when I open the email it has nothing to do with my preferences, purchases or interests. So it is important to remember that just by including a name; doesn’t equal personalization.

Here are some tips to ensure your emails are personalised:

  • Use personal information about your subscribers when they are willingly to give it to you.
  • Ensure your emails contain relevant and creative content to each customer.
  • Do not keep sending one sales pitch after the other, your subscribers are bound to ignore you after some time.

Here are some benefits of personalising emails:

  • Increases conversion rates: Personalising is especially important in email marketing because it helps in building a long-standing relationship with your customers. When you greet your subscriber with an air of familiarity they become more comfortable in reading the information you sent them.
  • Increases authenticity: Personalised email also gives you the benefit of being authentic and hence your email is not regarded as spam.  Personalization increases the chances of  your email landing in the prospect’s inbox and that it will get opened.
  • Speed: Your personalised email marketing message is fast to deliver and can achieve instant results and feedback. This makes it ideal for test and niche marketing, where a campaign can be tested before scaling up.
  • Full personalisation: Recipients receive a personalised message and from the answers they provide in a simple mini-survey, can be specific to their personal needs and interests.
  • Tracking and measurement: The technology we use for these campaigns offer full track ability. This is one of the really powerful marketing tools available with personalised email marketing and allows the client to track and measure who is reading your marketing messages, when they read them and what interests them most.

Need more insights into how to personalise your emails for a better response rate? At 2Communicate that’s exactly what we can do for you.


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  1. Rebecca Wey says:

    Personalised emails are definitely better. When a company bases their message on my previous interactions and data that I have given them, I receive information that is useful to me. However, one must be careful not to go overboard and to cause customers to miss out on other services or products which they may be interested in.

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