The Dancing Horse

We are really excited to be currently working with ‘The Dancing Horse’ brought to you by a truly exceptional and inspirational British Dressage registered trainer, Ali Owen.

Ali & Picco

Ali shows great passion, patience and empathy towards the horses and owners she is working with and has a thought provoking philosophy that puts her apart from rest. Ali offers sympathetic training from the horse’s point of view, a rare combination within the horse world. With many just focusing on the rider and forgetting the horse, who is of course doing a lot of the work! After all, dressage is very much a team effort between horse and rider.

Last year thanks to our country’s truly exceptional success at the 2012 Olympics, Dressage has been brought to the attention of the public by our very successful Great British (GB) Team and some of the talented four legged team mates such as Valegro and Utopia, who been referred to as the ‘dancing horses’.

The GB team won a record-breaking number of gold’s for Great Britain last summer, with thanks to a talented trio; Charlotte Djardain, Carl Hester and Laura Bechtolsheimer who rode for the GB Equestrian Dressage team, topping up the golds for our country.

London Olympic Games - Day 11

For Equine fanatics, the Olympics fueled the passion and gave all dressage enthusiasts alike that extra drive and inspiration and perhaps encouraged some newcomers to the sport too.  So we were really excited to have the opportunity to start working with The Dancing Horse last summer. Today, we successfully launched the new website and pleased to say we will continue working with The Dancing Horse and share Ali’s aim to help riders to improve their riding and dressage talents by acquiring and establishing an independent seat and a true knowledge of the aids whilst, considering the horses point of view.

Take a look at The Dancing Horse website and let us know what you think.

If you too are a rider, just like me. I can whole heartedly recommend Ali as a fantastic BD Registered Dressage Trainer who has certainly helped me learn a lot about myself and my horse. Look out Rio!



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