Handbags are a girls best friend…

We make no secret about our passion for fashion here at 2Communicate! Shoes and handbags are always on the radar. So can you imagine our excitement when we came across this little gem… Passion2Fashion

Passion2Fashion, like us, love shoes and handbags and by the looks of their latest items on sale, they have a great eye for fashion!


Autumn/Winter 2012-13 trends are supersize bags and guess what?! Passion2Fashion are offering some great solutions to this trend. Their bags offer directional style but also functionality.

The Autumn/Winter 2012-13 runways were full of models carting big, beautiful  statement bags. Passion2Fashions supersized, stylish handbags hold the key to this elusive fashion conundrum. They look fabulous and in this supersize scale, your purse friendly purchase will be hard to miss – but even better, their maxed-out capacity means they can hold all of your worldly possessions.

handbag tote tan


Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Footwear trends were all about Platforms, luxe lace-ups, Over knee Boots, Blues and Power Points. Passion2Fashion tick these trends once again, offering sky high platforms, luxe lace ups and stunning over knee boots.

turnover boots

shoes platforms

lace ups

Prices are from just £23, so go on, treat yourselves!

To update your wardrobe with this seasons key trends, Email: katie@passion2fashion.co.uk



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