4 Reasons your business needs to stop ignoring Google Plus

Google Plus has continued to be a growth market for businesses and for search engine optimisation (SEO). Google Plus is owned by Google so this immediately offers benefits to anyone who has a Google Plus account in terms of Google ranking.

1. SEO: Your Google Plus posts get indexed immediately into search posts, with a Google Plus business page you will make it easier and faster for customers to find your business.

2. It’s Popular: Google Plus has over 135million active users and 60% log in every single day compared to just 50% of Twitter users. 80% engage on a weekly basis.

3. It’s Growing Fast: According to Google, Google Plus is the fastest growing social network. Mashable reports that Google Plus is also seeing an increase of time spent on the site. However it is still an untapped network so be one of originals and start building your relationships now when you can easily be heard.

4. Claim your own content: Authorship gives you credibility and power. By creating a Google Plus account and linking your website or blog to your account you can claim you are the author of your content, which will mean your Google Plus profile and image will show up next to your posts in search results.

Do you use Google Plus? How effective have you found it?


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