How Important Is Your Brands Twitter Handle?

According to a recent survey 55% of the top 125 brands to work for in the Sunday Times did not have their twitter handle secured. These are really surprising stats. I thought everyone who was anyone was on twitter… but it would seem not.

Twitter is ‘one of’ the main go to social networks that brands will use as part of their online strategy. But how important is it for brands to secure their brands twitter handle?

I myself, many times have sent the wrong tweets to the wrong brand using what I have ‘thought’ was their twitter handle. To then realise their handle includes an _underscore or has been adapted in some way. My @2_Communicate handle is a prime example. I was unable to secure @2Communicate as someone has taken it.

I have come across an example when a twitter handle is used by someone other than the brand name itself, causing confusion when searching for that specific brand. Samantha Noble at Koozai Digital Marketing said she was trying to write to the greeting card company MoonPig, but it turned out that what she assumed to be their handle (@moonpig) was actually just some random person. Who apparently regrets his choice of handle every Christmas and Valentine! The companies Twitter handle is actually @MoonpigUK which obviously confuses many of their customers.

However there are ways around this scenario, and this is promoting your Twitter handle via your website, other social networks and any other form of communication you use. Think of your twitter handle as your website URL, you promote this via marketing collateral so why should your Twitter handle be any different?

If you can secure your brand name on Twitter then great, but if you can’t it’s not the end of the world.

Here are some tips on securing your brands Twitter handle and what to do with it once you have it:

  1. Search Twitter for your brand name – if it’s available snap it up! If its taken search for the next best thing (try underscores or shortening it in a way that people will still understand it)
  2. Secure as many names as possible in the initial stages – even if you don’t end up using them, at least you have them in case you do have use for them in the future.
  3. If you have a name in mind that is already taken and is not being used then why not try contacting that company/person and ask if you can have it.
  4. Always start with a corporate brand name first and foremost, and then set up affiliate brands if you have the resourcing to manage them. There is nothing worse than coming across a Twitter account and seeing no tweets.
  5. To ensure people know you are on twitter promote it on your website, provide links and think about settings up a dedicated ‘Find us on’ page for all your social media accounts. Here is a great example from Greater Manchester Police ‘GMP on social media.’

Have you got any examples of ways you have promoted your brands Twitter handle that may not have been your first choice name?

Or any examples of times when you have tweeted the wrong account due to mistaken identity?


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