Are you looking for a position in social media?

As part of my new position as Digital Communications Manager I have been recruiting for a team of four Digital Communications Assistants. During this recruitment process I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of fellow social media enthusiasts there are, but also realised the level of difference in the use of social media amongst brands. Meaning there hasn’t been that much opportunity for everyone to have a go being digital.

A quick search on Indeed comes up with 564 jobs in social media in the West midlands alone, which demonstrates the growing emphasis that social media is portraying on businesses and the take up of dedicated social media roles. But from my recent recruitment experiences, the level and depth of knowledge in applying social media in the work place is very varied. Using Facebook on a personal basis doesn’t alone qualify you as a social media specialist.


Here are 4 top tips if you are thinking of applying for a social media position:

1. Be on every social media network

To work in social media, you need to understand it, what works and what doesn’t. You also need to demonstrate a passion and interest in using the tools of the trade. The hiring manager will be looking for your knowledge of applying social media in different situations and identifying the most appropriate platforms for the target audience.

 2. Give numbers

A large part of social media is about measurement. Social media is still very much an emerging tool used in many communications departments and it therefore needs to demonstrate ROI. Take along statistics. In your current role, how many followers do you have, what level of engagement does your network boast? Your actual impact may vary, but get used to presenting it in the form of quantifiable data. Do you produce a monthly report and who sees this? Why not take it along to the interview to show the recruiters.

3. Show your passion

Social media, for many, has started as an interest which they have then applied to their professional lives. However, some have not yet had an opportunity to do so if their company hasn’t fully embraced social media. But you can demonstrate social media knowledge and experience alongside your personal interests. This can be a very effective way to highlight both your skills and personality. For example, if you are a runner, you may have set up a blog to give advice around your runs and races. Here you are demonstrating you have that hands on skill, identified an appropriate digital tool and utilised it for a personal interest. You don’t necessarily need to have a prior job managing social media channels professionally, as long as you can prove you have mastered the skills on your own.

4. Show Your Social Side

You’re applying for a role in social media, so point potential employers in the right direction by listing all of your social networks on your application. The recruiter’s can then look you up and see how you currently engage online. Social media is about personality, building relationships and showing that human side, they will be able to identify how you do this through the current networks that you manage.

Are you currently looking for a position in social media? Do you have any more tips for anyone who might be looking for a position in social media?


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