5 ways to be more effective on Social Media

To be successful in leveraging social media for growing your business, you have to master your efforts to be consistent and efficient in order to build your network and your brand.

Social Media allows you to easily stay on top of the minds of your target audience, which will help reinforce your messaging and create loyalty within your community. In turn, by being more efficient with your efforts, you will save time and money. Planning, dedication, and social media software tools can all help in achieving a systematic approach.

  1. Develop a schedule to update your networks and build online influence. Set aside at least a half hour in the morning and afternoon for listening, updating, and posting, following up on leads and sharing content.
  2. Create and publish unique content to your all of your networks. Ask your audience questions, and measure post effectiveness. Which posts work best and which don’t? Don’t worry if something didn’t work, just learn from it, and try again.
  3. Share reputable and helpful content with your community on social networks. Subscribe to emails and publications to source relevant and up to date content.  Become a thought leader within your industry.
  4. Engage in conversations and discussions on social networks. Empower and promote others, and grow your network and community.
  5. Measure, Analyse and Report on what’s working and what can be improved upon on a monthly basis. Social Media can be easily measured so determine your return on investment. 

Have you got any tips on being more effective on social media?


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