Five Beginners Tips To Using Instagram for Business

Instagram (Photo credit: Jon@th@nC)

Instagram is a social channel that let’s you take photos and video adding your creative filters and sharing them with your followers. Think Twitter, but with photo’s. Instagram also allows you to share photo’s via other channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

1.    Think about your product. What do you sell or what do you use to sell your services? Without being too promotional, you can get your followers engaging with your product. Instagram is about everyday people taking everyday pictures. Use it to show off your products with sneak previews. Clothing companies use Instagram to give “sneak previews” of new additions prior to launch date.
2.    Try it with your own personal account first. It’s always a good idea to experience Instagram as a regular user so you can see how people are using it. That will provide ideas for tying this platform into other social media marketing efforts.
3.     Choose your handle carefully. When setting up your Instagram account, where possible, use the same username as your Twitter account. So when your content is tagged and shared on Twitter the @username links to your Twitter bio.
4.    Make a plan. Just because Instagram is a series of visuals doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan just as you would with Twitter and Facebook about what and when you should post.
5.    Announce new staff and promote your company culture. Use Instagram to showcase your customers and service. Virgin America does a great job of giving their followers a taste of the company on Instagram. They showcase their customers and other fun things they are doing to make a person’s in-flight experience more enjoyable.









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    I have been looking for a way to “easily” integrate Instagram for marketing. This artricle has some great tips and it is an easy read.

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