How social media can help your SEO

The traditional ways of SEO have changed, and it is important that businesses just like yours understand how this could be affecting you and your online presence. Google has found smarter ways to measure the popularity of your website. It’s called social media.

Social media is critical to your online presence and your search engine rankings. Your website and social media channels must work together with keyword-rich content. My big tip to ensure your website ranks highly in searches is to ensure your online content is dynamic, engaging and interactive and this is where social media can help you.

Here are four ways you can use social media to help your SEO efforts for an awesome online presence:

1. The better the social presence, the higher your website ranks.

The old SEO used links to determine which websites ranked the highest. The more links you had the better your SEO was. So SEO companies started building links manually. Then Google got smart and realised that SEO link building would never work long-term for ranking websites. So many websites were penalised and saw massive drops in their former SEO success. Google now looks at social media channels which are much harder to manipulate.

2. Being online and being social will build your online presence

Social media is a dynamic world of interaction and activity where something is constantly happening in real time. In order to make your online presence a success you have to be active and social. This is the fastest way to multiply your online presence simply because it’s where everyone is.

3. Use Social media to build buzz around your website

When you have a following on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you will be growing fans who will share your content. That’s what social media is all about, being social! So when you write a blog post, you can take that content and share it on Twitter and then get some of your followers to share your content. You can also allow your website visitors to share pages from your website or blog on social media. You can do this by adding simple social share buttons, allowing people to quickly and easily vote for your content.

4. What’s your social signal?

Google measures your website’s social shareability and your effectiveness on social media channels, and ranks you from your social signals. How often do you share content on social channels? How many fans or followers do you have? Does your website have social sharing elements available? Google measures your Social signals which are based on your social media presence. So this is why a social media presence is so important.



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