4 Tips and Tools for an effective Social Media Approach

You might be just getting started with social media or already flying high. But are you doing everything to ensure the most effective approach?

  1. Use Social Media internally. Use tools to improve communication between team members and your best customers. Collaboration tools include: Wikis, Basecamp HQ and Sharepoint. Meeting tools include:       Webex and Skype. Instant Messaging tools include: MSN, Gmail chat. Cloud computing tools include: Google Apps. Internal social network tools include: Yammer and Salesforce Chatter.
  2. Set the ground-rules and ensure you have a social media policy. Even if you are not officially using social media, chances are your employees are, so you need a policy. The policy should clearly outline how employees should behave online, what they should and shouldn’t say. You may also need a response guide outlining how you will respond to good and bad comments about your organisation online.
  3. Listen and respond. Social Media is a series of online conversations and all good conversationalists are great listeners. Listen to what the leading organisations in your sector are doing, listen to your customers and keep up-to-date with industry blogs. Try these available tools: Google Alerts, Socialmention.com, LinkedIn groups, Twitter search and Open Facebook Search. When you have listened and understand what people are saying and where they are saying it, start responding on specific industry blogs, joining Twitter discussions or starting discussions on LinkedIn.
  4. Measure. Everything online is measureable. Regularly check your analytics to see what is working and not working. Repeat what’s working and stop what’s not. Try using Measuring tools such as Klout, Radian 6, Twenty Feet or Sysomos.

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