How SEO friendly is your social content?


So you’ve just about nailed your social content, but are you considering how SEO friendly it is?

For 81% of consumers, search influences what they think about a company (Weber Shandwick) and of companies that invest in content marketing, 78% use paid search and 69% use SEO to increase audience discovery of that content (eMarketer.)

Search engines will favour high value content in search results. Social media sites favour sharable, linkable content. So by combining smart social media and SEO tactics you can create a competitive advantage for attracting new customers whether they search Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube or blogs. You can in turn bring more targeted traffic to your site while increasing your rankings. So bringing both social and SEO together can be a very powerful way of boosting your website traffic.

Here are five top tips to help give your social media posts an SEO boost:

1. Include your keywords

Ensure your social content includes the keywords that will help people to find your content. Your brand name is also a keyword, so try and also include that where you can.

2. Put it in context

Google’s algorithm, Hummingbird aims to understand the intent behind web searches rather than just the keywords used. Put your keywords in context within social posts.

 3. It’s a popularity contest

Have you ever mentioned someone who is widely recognised, with a huge follower base? Try it! Mention them when you share your content. If that influencer’s followers see it, maybe that influencer will also share it or mention you. You could also try asking industry experts with a high follower number to share your content relevant to their industry. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

 4. Say it with a picture

Content that is visually appealing is ranked higher and more likely to receive click through and shares, therefore being ranked much higher. A post with an image is less likely to be missed by someone scrolling through their feed. You could also add a descriptive keyword in the image name.

 5. Add Share Buttons within Your Post

You can add the simple ‘share this’ buttons, but there is also a way now that people can share your content with options to share quotes or other sentences they find interesting within your posts.



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