Five ways to use LinkedIn to grow your business

LinkedIn has become a well-known free network of professionals offering the opportunity to generate leads for business. LinkedIn provides information on users’ experience, skills, professional backgrounds and personal connections.

Here are five ways you can use LinkedIn to grow business:

  1. Establish a 100% profile. Setting up a LinkedIn profile is very easy. Simply follow the step by step guide to ensure your profile is 100% complete. Once it is 100% complete you become searchable. This will add to your social media presence online. Make sure you have a professional headshot and the minimum three recommendations to complete your profile.
  2. Grow your network: All accounts in LinkedIn enable you to join up to 50 groups. I would suggest joining all industry groups relevant to your business and any alumni groups related to your educational background. As a blogger I regularly share content with groups to share my thoughts and become a thought leader within my sector.
  3. Use it for research: When you are trying to figure out a way to pitch a prospect, your LinkedIn account is a good place to start. You can find people by company, industry and city or search for a specific name. I have personally found LinkedIn invaluable for researching prospects before meeting or contacting them. Look for any common contacts or interests to build rapport.
  4. Demonstrate your expertise: The Questions and Answers section on LinkedIn offers an easy way for you to share your knowledge in a particular subject or industry and become a go to person for tips, advice or solutions. If the person who asked the question selects your answer as the best, that will always appear in your profile as well, which adds another layer of credibility.
  5. Post at least one update a week: Make a habit of sharing at least one useful article that will be of interest to your prospects. Update a week, more if you can. This will then be shared with all of your connections in their home feed. This places you fresh in their mind.



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