Are you measuring your social success?


One of the most important, but often forgotten success factors in any social media marketing strategy is measurement. Benchmarking, measuring and analysing your results are very important. Why? Well if you don’t, how will you know if you are succeeding?

But what should you be measuring? Social media isn’t primarily about promoting your business or your content; it’s about engaging with your community. If you don’t consistently monitor and track engagement levels, you have no way of knowing whether your social media strategy is working.

Here are some of my suggestions on tools and measures that will help you determine how successful your social media marketing is:


An engaged customer is a highly valuable one. Engagement can be anything from leaving comments, to participating in support forums, to leaving customer reviews and ratings and it’s a great way of determining whether your content is actually working. If you have a good level of engagement then you’ll know you’re on the right track. A great way of tracking engagement is through Klout. Klout enables you to connect all of your social media networks and will help you determine how well your content is performing.

The platform uses engagement metrics such as likes, retweets, shares and “+1s” to determine your overall engagement levels; in other words, how well your brand and your content are connecting with your audience.

Social Conversions

Tracking the number of website conversions that come from your social media content using website analytics is a very effective was to gauge your social-media marketing ROI.

Google Analytics‎, is a free website metrics tool. When you share a link to content on any of your social channels that drive people to your business’s website or online store, you can track how many people clicked on that link or shared it and much more via Google Analytics.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights are available alongside any Facebook Page that has over 25 Likes. The Insights are a great way of determining how many people are interacting with your posts.

Insights allow you to determine engagement, reach and likes to page. Insights allow you to drill down per post to compare which posts are the most effective.

Twitter Analytics, Twitalyzer, TweetLevel and Hootsuite

Twitter has a built-in analytics dashboard, Twitter Analytics. This tool is free, alongside Twitalyzer, TweetLevel and Hootsuite.

All of these tools will allow you to determine engagement levels on Twitter. Some platforms will track and display specific metrics such as most important followers, analytics for individual tweets, and the overall reach of your tweets.


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