My Social Media predictions for 2015


It’s 2015 (in case you missed it) and with a New Year brings new trends and changes, and social media is no exception. If you want to continue reaching prospective customers online, you need to stay ahead of the game when it comes to connecting with your audience through your digital marketing strategy.
I have chosen some key digital marketing predictions and insights for 2015 taken from some of the leading digital marketing experts in the industry to ensure you successfully take your brand into 2015 with a bang:
1. Your social content will be more important than ever
Content, content, content, this is one of the most fundamental elements in any social media strategy. In 2015 content will become even more targeted to its customers. Content will make it easy for new and existing customers to locate and use the best products and services they are searching for and this will involve search, social, paid advertising, etc. Brands will need to step up their content marketing strategy if they are to stay ahead of the game and visible online. Geoff Karcher, President, The Karcher Group, says “The emphasis on helpful content with paid visibility will continue to grow. Content will always be a priority but getting visibility to it will not be as free because Google will continue their push to keep the visitors on their sites giving users direct answers such as contact info, stats, game scores, etc. Site owners will have to pay for visibility for their entire web presence which extends far beyond their website and social properties and includes how they look in the SERPs, review sites, etc.”
2. Paid for Advertising
Facebook ad pricing and demand will significantly increase in 2015. Facebook post reach is significantly decreasing, and for brands an advertising budget will become an essential part of your digital strategy. A steady decline in reach is what has been coined ‘the Filtered Feed Problem.’
Facebook will continue to limit the number of organic posts page fans can see unless they are promoted paid for posts. This may also result in an increase in pricing for advertising too. According to an Ad Week article earlier this year, 2014 Q1 Facebook ad pricing was up 10% over 2013 Q4 pricing.
3. Reviews could make or break you
Reviews are showing increasing importance to brands in 2015. If you have not been paying attention to online reviews for your business, it should be a priority in 2015. Ipos market research firm state that 78% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. Google favours business profiles with lots of reviews in local search, and in 2015, reviews will also be increasingly essential to conversions on sites such as Facebook.
4. Online bookings and payment
Consumers don’t want to pick up the phone to make an appointment anymore. They expect businesses to let them do this themselves online. Online booking and payment services, offering convenience such as Uber (taxi or private car hire) and Open Table (restaurant bookings) are all leading services showing us how it’s done.

5. Google Plus could become extinct
Most brands today will have a Google+ presence, Google owns Google, so why wouldn’t you? An interesting prediction from Ross Hudgens, Founder of Siege Media says “In 2015 I think there’s about a 50% chance that Google could completely kill of Google Plus. I do not recommend companies spend much time investing in the platform.” I wonder what will replace it, if anything.


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