Are You Looking To Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing?

social media martketing

No matter how much you think you know about social media, tomorrow is sure to bring more challenges for you and your business in ensuring your strategy is working.

I’ve put together some outside-the-box and slightly different tactics and techniques from some of the traditional ones you may be familiar with to spice up and boost your social media to positively impact your business growth and sales:

  1. Create custom-formatted tweets.

I don’t have to be a genius to guess that your Twitter home feed is a noisy place. So how do you ensure your tweets stand out and are heard amongst all the others? Why not try custom formatting your tweets to catch your audience’s attention. A unique font colour, emoji’s, symbols and line breaks are quick and easy ways to make your tweets stand out.

  1. Set up a Facebook Group.

The organic reach for company Facebook pages is continuing to reduce, so why not try creating and managing a dedicated Facebook Group instead? Despite what many might think, Facebook groups are still very much alive and widely used among consumers, and brands should be jumping on this bandwagon to help them increase engagement. Groups work like an online discussion board or forum, giving each member an equal voice in the conversation. While Page admins can broadcast a message, group admins act more as moderators to conversations started by members (with the added advantage of being able to pin important posts to the top of the group).

There are tons of advantages to groups for business, which include: finding out what your target market has to say, participate in conversations as a regular person – not as a nameless, faceless brand, offer benefits or discounts to group members as a way to drive sales, promote or test content or products.

  1. Tweetcast with Meerkat

Have you heard of the Meerkat app? Meerkat allows you to stream video on Twitter as-it-happens. When you create a “meerkast”, your Twitter followers can watch it live on Twitter. Once the broadcast is over, the video is gone – no replays, no downloads. I’d liken it to Snapchat.

Meerkat app can help you increase engagement and you can stream product demos or launches, broadcast live from industry events or conferences, share breaking news as-it-happens.

  1. Hold a Twitter takeover.

If you and your business have the contacts to recruit a well know figure or celebrity, why not invite them to take over your social media account and grow your audience and create some buzz around your brand. It is important to ensure the individual you choose to takeover is right for your brand and you are clear about posting guidelines.

  1. Don’t forget call to actions.

Add a bit of spice to your otherwise ‘standard’ Facebook posts and generate even more customer leads and sales. Try adding a call-to-action button that drive clicks and traffic to your website.

  1. Be a bit different.

Playing it safe doesn’t make you stand out, so why not try taking a few calculated risks and prompt your audience (their friends, fans and followers) to sit up and notice your company’s authenticity, which in turn they will share.


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