5 simple steps to get you started on social media

I think one of the hardest things about social media is getting started, or, knowing where to start, even if you already have, you may feel like all of your efforts aren’t achieving much. I can guarantee that your audience will be on social media somewhere all taking part in conversations you can be a part of that may be about your brand. So I’ve put together five simple steps to get you started:

social success

1. Determine your goals

What do you want to get out of social media? Why are you doing it? Are you trying to generate sales, promote a service or event or are you looking to provide another arm to your customer service? Whatever your goals, social media can help you, but in order to know which platforms to adopt or keep it is best to decide why you are doing social media in the first place.

2. Know your audience

It’s important to know your audience so that you can tailor the type of content you share, when and where you share your content. You will need to find out what your audience wants and needs, so you can provide the kind of content they find useful and interesting, and can share.

3. Think about what you’re going to say 

Spend some time to think about what your audience will want to know and find useful. Don’t be afraid to ‘test’ content. You probably have more to share than you think. Think about the ways you can repurpose the content you already have and the steps you can take to create new content. You need to continually offer your audience content that is unique, which also comes in the form of conversations, in order to build a loyal following of people who trust you as a source that can meet their needs and expectations.

4. Don’t forget about offline

All of your efforts on social media shouldn’t mean that you forget about your offline marketing too. Cross-promote your efforts online and offline, and make sure your social media and traditional marketing efforts work together seamlessly.

5. Create a plan

A content plan and a a plan for sharing your content is essential. Allocate specific times during your day to devote to social media. When you create a schedule and start a routine, it’s easier to stick to it and make sure you don’t skip your social media activities each day. Always spend at least 80 percent of your time on social media activities that are not self-promotional and no more than 20 percent of your time on self-promotional activities.


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