My Social Media Predictions for 2016

This year, social media became even more popular than ever. Just Over 1 billion people are now using Facebook, and more than 80% of small businesses use social media for their branding and marketing. The biggest global brands, almost 99% have a social media presence. It’s fair to say social media is here to stay and has truly shaken up the world of communications.

So I wanted to highlight 4 things I think are going to be big for social media in 2016:

  1. Video

More than 50% of users say that videos and images are more engaging as compared to simple text posts. Even on micro blogging platforms like Twitter, posts with images get more engagement despite the short captions. This only shows that people are more likely to respond to visual stimulus. Podcasting and audio content may also become a powerful new medium for advertising.

2. Real-time updates

Periscope and Meerkat were both launched in 2015, which brought us a new level of immediacy to social media as live streaming apps. Over 40 years of live footage is watched on Periscope each day (Source: Fast Company). The ability to capture ‘in the moment’ content is really powerful and brands are containing to jump on this offering insights such as ‘a day in the life’, live chats with celebrities and personalities increasing peoples usage on social media. There is a huge opportunity for brands using real time updates to offer us something fun and creative with it.

  1. Paid for Ads

Advertising through social media will become much more popular, and it will also be an essential part of your social media strategy. More brands are using social media ads in addition to Google ads to promote their services and products. So expect your News feed to become increasingly filled with ads. Brands will also be spending more money on ads, which will mean bigger budgets.

  1. Social Commerce

Pinterest and Instagram will be launching launch their ‘buy’ buttons to UK businesses in 2016. What will this mean? It will allow a one-click social purchasing. It hasn’t always been easy for the buyer to purchase via social, before now buyers have to leave the social media site, sign up for a new account and enter their payment details. Each step increases exit rates and diminishes ROI. However, buy now button functionality makes everything a lot easier. The benefits? In-depth customer profiling, delivering the ad at the right time, and re-positioning of social media as much more than just a brand awareness tool.

Sop what predictions have you got for 2016?


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