Improve your websites SEO with Social Media


Are you looking for your business to show up in searches? Are you looking to improve your current ranking in searches?

This week, I want to share five pretty easy ways you can do this through your social media management. A lot of people don’t realise quite how much impact social media has on search results, and how much a strong social presence can boost your search rankings. By following these five approaches, you will be boosting your brands search engine optimisation (SEO), increasing potential sales and leads.

  1. Use keywords in your posts

Keywords are just as important in your social media content as they are on your website, blog and paid ad campaigns.

So if you do keyword research for your website content, why not consider doing it for your social media content too? By increasing traffic to your social media accounts, you will also increase traffic to your website.

This approach will mean that when potential customers search for those keywords, your content will pop up.

  1. Grow your fans and followers

One thing I have always said to my clients is it’s not about the number of followers, but the quality, and I still stand by this. However, if you do have a high number of quality followers across your social media accounts you will rank higher in searches. Good quality followers are real followers, and a large percentage of them will share or engage with you sending out positive social signals to search engines that you and your content is reliable, informative and of good quality.

3.  Set up local listings

Make sure your business has a local listing on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Ensure your listing includes your address and any other important information that potential customers will search for. This will provide your customers with a way to review your business; search engines recommend businesses with the highest reviews first.

4. Add social share buttons to your website

On any content that you think your customers may find useful, add social share buttons so that they can share it with their friends, family or other businesses. This will also increase brand exposure and increase traffic to your website.

5. Social media pages with high ranking potential
Many social media sites have high-ranking potential. So these sites including individual profiles will all rank for targeted keyword, which can generate multiple search listings for your business. This is a great benefit for any reputation management campaigns that you might be looking at running.



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