Which social media platforms should your business be on?


This is a common question I am asked a lot and the answer to this depends completely on your business aims, your audience and what you want social media to do for you.

Social media is a very effective online marketing tool, providing a direct and targeted way to communicate with your audience.

Your business aims will be important in determining what you want to use social media for, is it to provide a service or sell a product?

Looking at your audience, you should target your efforts towards the channels they are using, so knowing where they are is crucial. There may be a group on Linkedin that reflects your business interest and used by your customers, or there may be a number of different channels your customers will be using that will require you to consider.

So what platforms are there?

  1. Social networks

Social network services are online platforms allowing you to connect with others to broadcast information, stay in touch, send messages and recommend one another. Some of the main social networking sites include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Social network channels allow you to build a community of engaged customers who will spread your news and information for you. They can also help you get answers to business questions and find new suppliers.

Having a presence on a social networking channel/s

  1. A Blog

Blogging provides a way for you to share your insights and opinions on matters with your industry or sector. These posts can then be read and shared by your customers and other industry professionals. Posting industry issues, you can beging to build a reputation as a thought leader and invite discussion and strengthen your relationship with customers. Blogging also provides another route for potential customers to find you ad send them to your website. You can check out my blog at: 2communicateblog.wordpress.com

  1. Forums

A forum or message board is an online platform where people can ask questions and hold discussions by posting and replying to messages. Participating in industry and consumer forums to share your expertise and give constructive advice can boost your reputation.









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