12 days of social media tips

On the First Day of Christmas the social media fairy gave these tips to me…

A Partridge in a Vine Tree

If you haven’t yet discovered Vine, then make sure this is something you do before 2017! Vine is a video platform that allows you to share 6 second videos. It’s a quick and easy way to share video content versus text.

Two Facebook Ads

There’s lots of ways you can propel your social content and ads are a great way to do this. I have picked out two Facebook ad types: Promoted Posts – Promoting a post on your page is a great way of getting a larger audience engaged with a piece of content or promotion. You can set your own budget, for as little as £5 a day, for some great results! And Video Ads – to promote a video on Facebook it must be uploaded directly to Facebook, not hosted anywhere else. Video ads help increase the number times a video is viewed. Video ads can also have a call-to-action allowing you to direct users to a specific page or make an action.

Three engaging posts

Creating engaging content is a sure fire way to generate some brand awareness. Here’s three ideas for engaging posts. Number one – opinion pieces: Share opinion articles from thought leaders with news. Number two – Twitter chats: Run or participate in a Twitter chat. Create a #hashtag for it and show your audience your knowledge and build relationships with social leaders in your sector.

Four content ingredients

  1. Be original. 2. Create great headlines. 3. Ask questions. 4. Create a call to action.

Five Facebook hacks

  1. Use Facebook for Business to manage your Facebook Page, Ad account and Product Catalogue.
  2. Use Facebook Insights to see how well you are performing.
  3. Upload videos directly to Facebook to get more people watching them.
  4. Include a link within your about section to get more people clicking through to your site.
  5. Regularly change your cover photo with offers, events and key messages.


Six blog tips

1. Write content that YOU would want to read. 2. Do lots of research. Find out what your audience are reading about and relate it to your subject. 3. Make your content easy to share. The majority of content that’s shared online is done via social Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so make it easy to share. 4. Keep it short and sweet. Don’t make your posts too long. I always recommend maximum of 500 words. 5. Don’t be too serious 6. Be honest.

Seven Tweets are Trending

Here are nine top Twitter trends for 2016. #Brexit, #Trump, #PokemonGo, #Rio2016, #Election2016, #Euro2016, #Oscars, #GameOfThrones and #RIP (associated with a range of celebrity deaths)

Eight calls to action

A call to action needs to be clear. You want your audience to know exactly what you want them to do. ~ If you have an e-commerce website, start your CTA with words like buy, shop, or order. If you are sharing or promoting a newsletter. ~ Start your CTA with words like download or subscribe. ~ If you want someone to request more information use words such as complete this form or find out how. ~ Give your audience a reason why they should take the desired action. ~ Use words that provoke emotion in order to get your audience to act. ~ Don’t be afraid to get a little creative. ~ Give your audience a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). ~ Give people a reason with incentives such as pricing, discounts, promotions etc.

Nine ways to increase engagement

~ Timing is everything. ~ Share relevant content. ~ Look at past content that worked well. ~ Share lots of photo’s. ~ Respond to people. ~ invite your audience to engage with competitions or questions. ~ Welcome new followers. ~ Offer exclusive content. ~ Involve your staff and share content about them.

Ten hints for ranking

  1. Regularly refresh and add new content. 2. Be active on social media. 3. Remove any duplicated content on your website and any social media sites you own. 4. Include keywords in your URL’s. 5. Add social sharing to your website. 6. Link all your social media accounts to your website. 7. Avoid low quality link sites in favour of higher page rankings.  8. Write relevant content your audience want. 9. Run a full website audit to determine any issues. There are lots of free SEO sites that offer this. 10. Re-purpose and re-share your social media and blog content.

Eleven helpful tools

There are lots of social media tools from free platforms to paid for. Grum is a great tool for scheduling and managing Instagram. Hootsuite is a great free and paid for tool for managing all of your social media content. Sniply is a great tool to shorten your URL’s and adding CTAs to every link that you share. Hashtagify is a great search engine for Twitter, searching for and locating trending hashtags, finding the ones that will be most relevant to your audience. It can, for example, tell you the top ten hashtags related to your brand or a current event. Bitly is another great URL shortener. IFTTT, which stands for If this… Then that, allows you to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “applets”, which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. IFTTT is an abbreviation of “If This Then That”.Canva, I have never been very good at using Photoshop, and then I discovered Canva. It has changed my life! Create amazing social media content with this. And it’s free! Edgar is a publishing tool that reuses old content dependent upon how popular it was. Saving you loads of time! Feedly helps you stay on top of content in your interest area, providing a RSS feed containing the latest posts from all the top blogs in your industry. Inkybee finds relevant bloggers in your industry. Google Alerts is free and whilst it’s often a bit slow at picking up mentions, it will pick them up, and is pretty reliable.

Twelve social media habits for the New Year

  1. Be organised. 2. Experiment. 3. Plan. 4. Follow the professionals. 5. Measure your success. 6. Don’t be afraid to change directions. 7. Less is more. 8. Build relationships. 9. Engage. 10. Be yourself. 11. Turn off notifications when you are not working. 12. Enjoy what you are doing.  



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