Why you should be using video to tell your story

Video is huge and it’s only going to get bigger. Think about how much you can get across in a video versus a 140 character tweet, a blog or Facebook post. Video marketing is a great way to promote your brand. 70% of social media users would rather watch a video than look at a picture, read an infographic or read a 500 word article. Showcasing your products through video is much easier for a customer to understand your product. If your business is based on products or services that require a demonstration, you will find video marketing acts a really effective solution.

Here are some stats I have pulled together to show you why you need to be thinking about using video to tell your story:

  1. People remember 20% of what they hear. 30% of what they see. 70% of what they see and hear. So video wins when trying to share something you want your audience to remember.
  2. According to a report by Cisco, by 2019 they claim that:
  • Video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic
  • Nearly a million minutes of video will be shared every second
  • It would take an individual 5 million years to watch the all the video that will be shared each month
  1. Video on Facebook is generating 8 billion video views per day.
  2. The Financial Times say that they’re receiving 6 billion daily video views.
  3. YouTube has over a billion users, the number of people watching YouTube has increased 40 percent year-over-year since March 2014.
  4. Most major social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all have their own video solutions where you can produce video in the native platform itself or share your own saved videos across each of the platforms.
  5. Video helps you create inbound links which will help boost your SEO rankings, increasing brand awareness, generate more leads, increase your overall online presence, understand what your customers want for you, encourage feedback and allow you to connect with a larger audience.
  6. Vidoe in an email leads to 200-300% click through rate.
  7. After watching a video, users are 64% to buy a product or service online.
  8. 80% of users recall a video ad they watched in the last 30 days.

Video is certainly taking the world by storm and providing brands with a really effective ay of telling their story online through the power of video. So get behind the camera and start telling your story!



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