Social Storytelling

In order to really propel your social media, you should embrace the art of storytelling. This can be applied across every social media platform and every brand, including yours will have a story to tell. Tell your story well, and you will have succeeded in getting people to sign up to your brand, becoming advocates for who you are, what you do and the service/product that you sell.

Social storytelling is simple, it involves turning a bit of information that might be seen  as boring or irrelevant and making it engaging, emotive and shareable. The more emotional you feel about a product, the more likely you are to want to hear more about that product and eventually buy.

Get creative with how you share your ideas and tell your story.

Here are 3 pretty awesome examples of brands telling their stories on social media:

  1. Heinz – Get Well Soon with Soup

Heinz ran a campaign encouraging fans on Facebook to buy a can of ‘Get well Soon’ soup. Over 35,000 people were talking about it on Facebook alone. This is personalized soup, with a label that allows fans to buy soup that is personal, and taps into the emotions that are there when anyone we love is not well.

This as a story works really well. Traditionally soup has been used to help make people better and Heinz have tapped into that. Heinz also donated a £1 to Starlight, a charity for young children who are terminally ill from the purchase of every tin of personalised soup.

  1. Land Rover – The Vanishing Game

To bring some adventure to the brand that epitomises adventure, Landrover created a story with a road trip around Britain through text, imagery and other media. Land Rover commissioned the author William Boyd to write a story featuring the company’s cars. ‘The Vanishing Game’ tells the story of a man who drives across the country in his Land Rover Defender. The brand is about adventure so the story they told with the trip around Britain worked really well.

  1. Dove and Dads

Dove included men in its advertising and for Father Day release a number of stories of real father child memories. The clips showcased dads spending time with their kids, and many of the stories touched people’s hearts pulling at the heart strings with some of the stories. Dove is very clever in the way it used storytelling to sell its products and using the stories of dads and their kids was used to promote its line of men’s grooming products.


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