Growing your social media following

This week I wanted to share some quick and easy tips on how to grow your social media following. I would like to say though that quality over quantity should always be your priority. However, I understand it is important to grow an audience so that you have someone to share your content and messages with. Growing your audience can be tough, and for some a very daunting challenge, but just remember, everyone has to start somewhere.

Here are some of my quick and easy tips to help you grow your audience online:

  1. Start following, but don’t get too carried away. I would recommend following between 75-100. Don’t do any more than this or you risk your account being banned. This really does happen so don’t risk it). Do some research on your target audience/ competitors and people interested in your area/ sector and follow them. Usually people will follow you back.
  2. Utilise free tools. There are lots of free tools that allows you to search for your target audience and competitors. For Twitter followers you can use tool s such as Tweepi is a pretty simple and straightforward tool that allows you to search for your competitors followers and follow them.
  3. Most platforms now require businesses to advertise and promote themselves to target their desired audience. Aim ads at your website visitors to convert traffic into your social following.
  4. Run an online competition and as part of the entry process ask people to follow or like your social media accounts, this is a great way to generate awareness of your brand, grow your audience and gain some engagement and feedback about what you do.
  5. Tell friends and family. There’s no harm in inviting your friends and family to like your social media accounts to get some to get an initial audience, and you may just turn them into a lead or customer.
  6. Once you’ve got a few likes on the page, run some advertising through to audiences with interests relevant to your niche. Try to keep the audience size fairly low, aiming it at less than 100,000 people to keep it as targeted as possible and drive down the cost per click.
  7. Create a call-to-action across your blog that gets people to like your social media accounts. There are plug ins across many blog platforms for this so have a look to see if there is one you can apply.
  8. Share really great content. Easier said than done, I know, but learn what works and what doesn’t. Use your social media platforms insights and analytics – what gets engagement, and what doesn’t? Keep content simple and shareable. Shares, often equals followers.
  9. Make sure you’re easy to find. Don’t hide your social media presences. What I mean by this is simple. Make sure you shout about them everywhere you go and everywhere you are online – your website, your email signature, cross sell across your other platforms, include content about your other social media presences, include them on your business cards, any fleet vehicles you might have.
  10. Be engaging. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well not for everyone! Make sure you engage with your audience and people you are looking to target. This way people can find out who you are, what you do and what you’re like. This will eventually result in more followers.

Just remember, growing an audience takes time and effort but it will be worth it, trust me! And you will start to see results by just following some of these tips I have shared.


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